Distressed, Loch Eireasort, Isle of Lewis

With an old Norse name meaning “Eric’s Fjord”, this 8 mile long narrow sea inlet on the east coast of Lewis creates a  tidal scar cutting deep into the island . Following Loch Eireasort almost its entire length a long narrow road  fights its way into a landscape pockmarked with countless small un-named lochs. At every turn the traveller is confused by near identical dark peaty pools, hugged by the road as it curves to evade granite outcrops that will not yield to engineers or nature.

The rich coastal pickings dictate that almost every household owns a boat of some shape or size. Some lovingly maintained, others with just a hint of a once distinctive colour scheme. Bleached by the weather this example lies upturned at the very end of the loch, its ownership as questionable as its seaworthiness.

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